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The race for student government secretary thickens as Spinelli has put up false posters to advertise people who he claims are supporters of himself when really they promised to vote for ME! Politics is a dirty business...

Today in French Ryan drew obscene pictures that were also quite humorous: one of me with a dense beard and chest hair, one of Rachel as a witch holding a mystery bottle of something, one of Myla as a huge fat man saying "I need help!", and one of Madame Price as a man with a face covered in scars and a bare, skeletal foot, saying "Where is my shoe?"

Here's a sampling of an announcement overhead at the Prairie School: "If you are outside and happen to see a peacock on campus, you're not imagining it. Please don't try to catch it yourself, just tell someone in the office." Which reminds me of the time that I was on a run with Katie when the peacocks were making their calling noises, and she thought it was a giant cat meowing.

Tonight I am to be "induced" (I know, it's inducted) into the Cum Laude society at a special dinner. Will there be sacred rituals? No one knows. A sacrificial dance? It's possible. But hopefully there will be food.
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